SEO Audit Technical SEO

You might be able to get a lot more out of your existing website than you think.

Technical SEO, compared to ‘On-Page SEO’, addresses all the ranking factors that are hiding behind the scenes, meaning those that are hidden in the code and mostly not visible when looking at a website.

Once we have a closer look at a website’s technical SEO set-up, we’re often able to uncover missed potential on the technical SEO side.

This can be your website’s infrastructure, elements in the code, or duplications, who all together can provide the site with an uplift that will result in increased rankings and traffic.

SEO audits give you an overview of where your website may be falling down in achieving the best possible ranking on search engines.

Furthermore, an SEO audit can inform the way you choose to proceed with your website. It may be that you have a high click-through rate but also a high bounce rate, which means your user isn’t seeing what they expected from your search result.

Rather than getting lost in endless metrics, your audit will provide you with actionable insight on where to start in order to see better results



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