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The importance of SEO consulting has gotten only more important with the years.

The graph above represents the conclusions of a research conducted by Neil Patel. As you can see, an SEO agency provides the best ROI apart from direct email marketing.

According to a study by MOZ 71.33% of searches result in a page one organic click. Contrasting that are the meager 5.59% that page two and three get.

Going deeper into that first page, the top 5 results account for 67.69% of the clicks. The results from number 6 to number 10 only garner 3.73%.

Our professional SEO Agency team is well equipped to handle every aspect of Search Engine Optimization. This includes important ranking factors such as website structure, link-building, keyword-rich copywriting. As well as the technical areas that figure into your ranking, but are often overlooked by less competent SEOs.

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Content SEO

Content SEO refers to the content on your page recognized by search engines. The content should be tailored to be at the same time relevant, adhering to Google’s rules, and catering to your audience‚Äôs search behavior.

Content is likely the most important SEO factor overall. It’s great for getting both the attention of search engines and of the audience. You can optimize any type of content to do these things better. By doing that you’ll be more visible on search engines. Keyword optimization can also put your copy in front of more eyes.

The way we can help you with that is by providing insight. We can provide you with insight into how you are currently performing, what type of content works better, and KPIs and where you should position them. Keyword research is something we do comprehensively to ensure that you have the resources to create regular on-brand content that drives organic traffic.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the visible infrastructure on your website. For example, that’s the copy and the targeted key phrases. It can also cover anything from the structure of headings to meta data, to image tags, etc.

We will help you select the visible parts of your page that can be improved. Some of the usual culprits are heading hierarchy, crawler accessibility, and poor layouts.

Internal and external links are also included in this category. We will help you realize the potential for high-quality inbound links for authority building on your page. These improvements are always focused on following search engine guidelines.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the flipside of On-Page SEO. It refers to all the code and technical specifications not visible to the user.

This is an area where much untapped potential can be found. Once we look deeper into it, we are often able to find these missed opportunities. It can be your website infrastructure, elements in the code, or duplications. Optimizing those things results in overall increased ranking and traffic volum