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GET FOUND ON GOOGLE (A very quick overview)

The cornerstone of local SEO solutions is Google My Business listing optimization.


Getting found in the Map Pack and Organic Local Search can be a huge boost to a local business.

The ROI on investment can be huge!

The main thing to consider is ‘The Lifetime Value’ (LTV)

That being said, this is only the first step in local Search Engine Optimization. There is still a lot of things that can be done to your local business.

People are likely to search for products or services that they need right now.

People are more likely to look for local businesses to meet that need. It makes sense to buy locally for a variety of reasons.

But your website must be correctly optimized for LOCAL searches to appear in the top results.

This type of traffic is highly valuable because it has the highest conversion rate.



Local SEO

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Google Local Seo – What Is The Google Map 3-Pack?

Whenever a user searches for a product or service, they are presented with the results page. This page consists of a set of initially sponsored ads, followed by three businesses listed on Google Maps.

Additionally, the local businesses are accompanied by a Click to Call icon.


These are then followed by the “organic results“.

This is, without doubt, the most valuable place to rank in. The combination of it being organic (i.e. not sponsored), and Click to Call link produces unparalleled results.


Ranking in the top three „Google Maps 3-Pack“ gives your company that local search exposure that can’t be achieved in any other way.
The results of this, in our experience, can be up to 10 times more calls and leads into a business


Ranking in this set of results is oftentimes more important for local businesses than ranking for that same keyword globally. In fact, you will often find that these businesses don’t even show up in keyword searches that aren’t locally defined.


The reason this is so valuable is that people searching for a local business are looking for a very quick solution. This makes them the likeliest buyers overall.

Mobile map seo


Do NOT, however, ignore the power of Organic Listings

Done properly, Local SEO boost your number of organic listings on Google.

Our affordable SEO Service aims to do just that. And by doing that we can give your business a tangible, massive boost.









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