How to Hire an Enterprise SEO Expert for Your Marketing Team

Today, many enterprise organisations are continuing to build their internal marketing teams by investing in recruiting specialist individuals.

Digital marketers that specialise in search and have the particular talents to thrive as a corporate SEO specialist are increasingly in demand.

In fact, there was a 10 percent rise in search demand for terms connected to SEO positions in November 2020, as compared to a year earlier, according to Conductor platform statistics (disclosure: I work for the firm) (disclosure: I work for the company).

In this piece, you’ll discover why you should engage an in-house corporate SEO, what sort of expert you may require, where to locate the finest prospects, what to look for as far as applicants go, and more.

Why Should You Hire an Enterprise SEO Expert?

Search experts are trusted consultants responsible for generating development for your business and enhancing its position within key markets.

An SEO professional is a champion for all things organic marketing. SEO, unlike many other marketing disciplines, is a team sport involving tight coordination amongst all stakeholders.

There is also a requirement for great communication and project management abilities at the corporate level.

An in-house corporate SEO professional will manage cross-functional collaborations with other content, web, marketing, and UX/UI departments to guarantee you’re visible when consumers are searching.

Additionally, an in-house SEO professional will fill out your core marketing team, having management of your brand’s owned media.

What Type of SEO Specialist Do You Need to Hire?

Identifying the correct SEO specialist should be your first goal, with alignment from the wider team.

SEO specialists with a broader content experience will be masters in keyword research, editing, and writing. On-page optimizations, off-page linking, page error handling, and website building will be the primary focuses of SEO professionals that possess higher technical competence.

You could want to look at hiring a hybrid content and technical SEO practitioner who also has significant project management experience in certain circumstances.

Will this person be an individual contributor, or will they ultimately lead a team of other content resources such as copywriters and editors? If the latter, what kind of material will they be contributing?

Keep in mind that the applicants for your open positions will need to have prior experience leading and cultivating a team that reports to them.

After deciding what kind of SEO specialist you want to get on board, you need write an engaging job description in order to entice people to apply for the position. Be sure to include details on what your prospective SEO expert will be responsible for overseeing, what tools they will use, and what prior experience or background they should have in your job description.

Candidates should be enticed to learn more about the possibility of moving in-house and to concentrate on a single brand or sector by the description you provide for the position.

How exactly will your SEO specialist make an impact and contribute to the success of your business?

The following is a list of some of the initial advantages that come with employing an in-house SEO:

  • Increasing the visibility of the information leading.
  • Results from searches with a higher ranking.
  • Increasing the number of click-through conversions.

In the long run, the material associated with your brand will have the ability to consistently rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Your SEO professional will shorten the amount of time needed to optimise on-page content by establishing productive collaborations with the teams responsible for developing content and maintaining the website. This will help with cross-functional interactions.

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Your SEO consultant will assist in increasing the responsiveness of all of your web-related endeavours.

Where Can One Currently Find These Different Categories of SEO Professionals Working?

Professionals that are skilled in SEO may be found working in a variety of fields and sectors.

The best place to start looking are digital agencies.

SEO specialists often serve as project managers for customers undertaking technological endeavours in a variety of sectors.

It’s possible that some SEO professionals are already working in-house, where they concentrate on optimising content and managing projects.

When conducting interviews with these SEO specialists, make it a point to confirm that they are entirely devoted to managing a single brand, as opposed to the several brands they could be responsible for in an agency situation.

In addition, there are enclaves of excellent SEO expertise located outside of large cities.

Consider searching at other rising cities such as those in the Midwest or in other rural regions if your team is open to the possibility of members working remotely.

Even while some SEO specialists may rely more largely on their experience as freelancers, they may very well have the technical skill set and knowledge required to propel your company forward to success.

If you decide to employ someone to work remotely, you need to make sure that all of your schedules are coordinated with the various time zones involved.

Who Should Conduct the Interview for Your Enterprise’s In-House SEO Candidate?

It is important for alignment across cross-functional teams to have different individuals engage in the interview process with your prospects for SEO expert positions.

Your applicant will also have the chance to have a comprehensive grasp of the people they will be working closely with as a result of this.

The following individuals often participate as panellists on interviews:

Marketing Department’s Core Staff

Will this individual be able to function well inside the larger marketing organisation?

Will they be able to make a contribution to the marketing department’s goal of meeting the KPIs that have been established?

It may be beneficial to include your chief marketing officer or head of marketing in the interview process in order to provide the applicant an in-depth understanding of the direction the company intends to go in the years to come.

The Content and Copy Teams

How will this individual successfully cooperate with others responsible for the content?

How do they plan to include the greatest search engine optimization methods into our content production process?

Extra points are awarded to your applicant if they have prior experience or an interest in the process of content development; this will come in handy for more content help in the future.

Technical Groups and Teams

When it comes to website optimization, having an understanding of the link between web development and UI/UX tasks is essential.

Your applicant will have the chance to discover the most effective strategy to create a successful connection with the company if they meet with the technical teams.

During the interview process for your candidate, you may want to consider asking some of these questions about search engine optimization (SEO), depending on the degree of SEO you’re wanting to recruit.

By following these helpful recommendations and ideas, you can guarantee that applicants are appropriately vetted from a technical, content, and team fit viewpoint.

When Can Your Enterprise Start Working with an SEO Expert?

After you have found your SEO professional (first of all, congratulations! ), you will want to provide them with an intensive onboarding experience so that they can quickly become productive members of your team.

What kinds of resources and technological stacks will be required of them?

Who are some of the people your SEO professional need to network with?

You will be able to deliver an impact to your marketing organisation that is that much quicker if you create an efficient onboarding timetable. This will allow you to have a speedy ramp phase.

After the onboarding time is over, you should determine the metrics that will be used to evaluate the SEO specialist’s performance.

What will they get done in the first 90, 180, and 360 days of their employment?

What might we expect this person’s progress to look like over the next two years and beyond?

How will the work that your SEO Specialist will create throughout their time with you affect the organic plan that your marketing team will implement?

Are You Ready to Bring on New Staff?

What are some of the goals and objectives that you have set for organic search for the future year?

It is time to get started now that you have a firm plan of action to engage an SEO consultant since the clock is ticking!

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