7 Tips For Getting The Most Of Your Enterprise SEO Freelancers

A well-structured strategy can help you achieve the greatest results from your SEO support staff, whether this is your first time outsourcing or you’ve worked with freelancers for years.

An corporate SEO strategy must have clear lines of communication and high levels of responsibility.

With so many pages to keep track of, the likelihood of expensive blunders or errors increases.

It’s your responsibility to do all in your power to avoid such situations.

That said, how do you go about creating an effective group of corporate SEO freelancers?

These seven pointers might be helpful.

Assemble a complete briefing for them

It doesn’t matter how large or little your website is; you will always know more about your company and its objectives than the freelancers you engage.

In other words, you are responsible for ensuring that the freelancers you hire are properly educated and equipped to accomplish their jobs.

It is quite simple for a freelancer to become confused when it comes to the structure of the site and why things are set up the way they are when there are hundreds or thousands of pages.

Prior to the project’s start date, provide them with a full brief so they may examine, follow up, and explain anything that might make their task more difficult or less effective.

If you’re hiring a freelancer, it’s important to outline the project’s purpose and the deliverables you anticipate from them in your brief.

You should also include any agreed-upon protocols, such as regular meetings or check-ins, as well as any deadlines for each part of the project.

Defining Specific Goals and Objectives

It’s wonderful to set objectives like “grow organic traffic by 10% this quarter,” but freelancers need to be given tangible deliverables that make it evident when the task is done.

If you don’t know where to begin, keep in mind that deliverables are about results that can be controlled.

Is this job completed? You should be able to look at them and say, “Was this assignment completed?”

Yes, you’re relying on freelancers to help you develop your company.

Rather than ensuring that your objectives will be fulfilled, their job is just to execute the essential activities to bring you there.

No of how hard you work, neither you nor your freelancer will be able to control the consequences of growth or performance targets.

One of the greatest ways to keep your freelancers on target and guarantee a good working relationship is to set clear, quantifiable objectives.

Define Success Criteria Right Away

You need to determine how you’re going to evaluate the effectiveness of any new digital marketing initiative before you get started.

Businesses and projects at the enterprise level use different sets of key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Don’t rush into turning over work to your freelancers.

Traffic and rankings are two of the most common SEO KPIs. Do your freelancers’ efforts pay off in terms of improved results in any of these areas?

While concrete data like this is useful, it’s not always necessary.

Mistakes arise more often when internal teams are overworked and stretched too thinly.

Success metrics for your SEO freelancers might include a decrease in mistakes or a reduction in the amount of time spent correcting them.

It may not be as eye-catching as traffic or rankings, but it may have a big impact on a company’s long-term profitability.

Affirm Their Process While Providing Access To Necessary Documents And Tools

When you recruit freelancers, you must set up an onboarding procedure just as you would for a new employee on your staff.

Giving them access to whatever papers or resources they’ll need to perform the task you have described for them is an example of this

Be careful to explicitly give out directions on where to find and how to access internal papers, since they may be hidden deep in computer files and internal systems inside your company.

Set them up as a new user in your project management system and arrange a call to show them around and explain how your team works inside the system.

Your website is no different.

Your freelancers will be more productive if you provide them the access they need to complete their job and show them where crucial pages are or any issues you wish to point out.

Although many firms want their freelancers to utilise all of the company’s tools and applications as well as internal channels, this is not always the case.

In order to maintain a connection with the project, freelancers may request that you not add them to your Slack, not provide them extra email addresses, or ping them directly if they are added to internal communication systems on the channel they use most often (generally their own email).

The purpose of this is to guarantee that updates are not missed, projects keep on track, and they can control the number of sites they need to check for feedback among their customers.

Ownership and check-in procedures must be established.
Hundreds of duties await you each day if you work in an enterprise firm.

You did engage freelancers to assist alleviate some of the workload, after all.

However, even though the freelancers are ultimately accountable for the job they accomplish, you remain the primary point of contact and project manager.

Your freelancers would appreciate it if you make a point of checking in with them on a regular basis, whether it is every few days or every week to see how things are going.

It’s important to set up an internal mechanism for these check-ins so that both you and your freelance team benefit, especially if you’re working with numerous freelancers on various aspects of the project.

It’s up to you to make sure that deadlines are fulfilled and that the quality of the job you’re expecting is maintained.

The easiest method to keep on track is to communicate often with your external staff without micromanaging them.

Establish Regular Meetings To Ensure Progress Isn’t Slowed Down

Keep in mind that although weekly or bimonthly check-ins are essential, you should also arrange regular meetings and calls to keep the project moving forward.

Standing meetings are particularly effective for teams nearing critical deadlines, such as the conclusion of an SEO audit or the start of a new project.

While check-ins are often done by email, these standing meetings should be held in person or over video chat and organised more like a formal meeting.”

Organize an agenda and send it to your staff and freelancers at least a few days before the scheduled meeting time.

Anyone who hasn’t already had a chance to review the document may do so now.

Review the work that has been done so far and how it has gone at your regular meetings.

Prior to the next meeting, take some time to go over the work your freelancers are doing and any approaching deadlines that may have changed since the last time you met.

Managing an outsourced workforce requires regular meetings, which may eat up a lot of time in your calendar.

When your freelancers know they have a scheduled meeting to discuss the assignment, they are more likely to be successful.

Before going live, have a quality assurance procedure in place.
Your job is to make sure the work gets done, but it’s also your job to make sure it’s done to a high enough quality before it goes online.

Yes, we all have our share of blunders.

Nevertheless, you must capture them before they are released to the public.

Your project’s launch timeline may be improved by including a quality assurance method into it.

Having many people check at a component of the project before it goes live on the internet or asking a senior member of the team for final approval before giving feedback to your freelancer is an example of this.

Maintaining and sticking to a process after it’s in place is critical to its success.

If you think you can skip a step or two, you’ll be setting yourself up for a mishap.

In the long run, it may save you from humiliation or worse: financial loss if you follow the checklist closely.

A unique and tough beast, enterprise SEO pays off handsomely when you see the results of your efforts.

In order to begin a successful project, working with freelancers is one of the finest methods to integrate specific skills into your team and fill gaps.

It is possible to enable your freelancers perform their best work for you and develop a long-term working relationship with your enterprise firm with the correct tools and procedures in place.

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